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120mm ARGB fan

87 SAR


product specification:

Cooler Master ® introduces the MasterFan SF120R A R G B fan , the first MasterFan with a distinctive square frame design. The box frame is designed to increase the coverage area and generating the flow of high - pressure air, it is ideal for all coolers CPU "CPU". Compatible with Addressable R G B enabled PCs, certified and compatible with Asus Aura and ASRock R G B and MSI R G B . Propeller blades are derived from designs of jet engines and helicopters. The blades push the air away from the air pressure design, keeping a more constant pressure than the airflow. SF120R A R G B . series is equipped Multiple layers of exclusive noise reduction technologies cool the entire chassis and components in complete silence.

  • Silent Cooling Technology: Sound-absorbing rubber gasket with a silent IC motor installed to facilitate fan rotation reducing vibration and fan clicks.
  • It supports A R G B lighting controllable and full color customization. Compatible with Asus Aura and ASRock R G B and MSI R G B.
  • A R G B HEADER EXTENDER Comes MasterFan SF120R A R G B with Addressable accessory R G B 3 pin is wide so you can connect multiple R G B . devices Controllable even if the motherboard has only one R G B connector. Also comes with A R G B . device connectors Safe.
  • Alternator design A combination of jet engine and helicopter blade designs gives you the static air pressure you need without sacrificing airflow.
  • Intelligent Fan Sensor for Jamming, Intelligent fan sensors protect your cables and components from snagging, damage, or pulling by fans.
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  • 24 month guarantee .

87 SAR
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