Lian Li Strimer Plus RGB PSU Cable 24 PIN LIAN LI

كيبل مزود الطاقه RGB

249 ر.س

رمز المنتج: STRIMER PLUS 24 PIN


مواصفات المنتج:

  • Lian Li power strimers allow for next level chassis customization. Power your motherboard with a unique flare!
  • Two Layers DesignWith a two layer design, lighting effects are routed controlled and supplied independently from the 8-pin GPU or 24-Pin motherboard power supply cables.. 24cm in total length.
  • PCI Bracket Controller 24-pin variant is packaged with a PCI bracket lighting effect controller allowing for simple and easily configurable lighting effect customization. *Only packed with 24-pin variation.
  • Compatibility Only supports 3-pin 5v addressable LED enabled motherboard. Will not work with 4-pin RGB header. Strimers are 1.5 cm thick and require enough space to be routed properly.

  • 249 ر.س
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