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ASTRO Gaming A40 TR

PS4 Edition Blue



product specification:

Play like a pro! The ASTRO A40 TR headset is the leading gaming headset for professional gamers, including athletes, content creators and live streamers. Developed with pro gamers to meet their exacting standards for acoustic accuracy, comfort and durability. The A40 TR adapts to any gaming environment. The A40 TR features a removable micro-microphone and customizable speaker labels. You can convert A40 TR buffer to the headphone noise by adding Mod Kit Ready Kit (sold separately) with the handset signs Sealed ® ASTRO, ear cushions of artificial leather with high quality, microphone soundproofing.

  • The ASTRO ® A40 TR has a lightweight construction, strength and durability in its materials, pressure-free size that does not heat your head, comfortable and flexible. The ear cushions feature a cloth for maximum comfort and also backed with synthetic leather for noise isolation and the best acoustic performance.
  • ASTRO Audio provides audio quality V2 professional players, whether direct broadcast or to play in the competitions and international tournaments for professionals.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE AND REMOVABLE MIC - The highly sensitive unidirectional microphone focuses on your voice and reduces background noise; It can be placed on either side of the A40 TR headphones.
  • 12 month guarantee .
  • To download Astro Command Center Press here

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Two comments

ahmad alamri

1 year ago

مايحتاج استرو ماعليها كلام



1 year ago

هل يتوفر معه mix amp ؟؟؟
واذا لم يتوفر هل ستوفرونه
و شكرا



1 year ago

اهلاً عزيزي، سماعة Astro A40 TR المعروضة تأتي بدون Mix amp. سيتم توفير النسخة المطورة مع الmixamp قريباً. نتمنى تواصلك عبر الواتس اب لأبلاغك حال توفرها على الرقم:

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