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GameMax Panda T802 Black

ATX Mid-Tower Box



product specification:

  • The GAME MAX ® Panda T802 features an easy-to-open "Tempered Glass " side panel with a one-piece screw-on, as well as top and bottom A- R G B strips.
  • You can easily control lighting A R G B fans through the console GameMax control V2.0 PWM + Rainbow HUB pre - installed, is also characterized by the reduction of noise from ventilation fans thanks to the elements of the PWM controller.
  • It includes a control panel at the top that contains the power button, the lighting control button and the lighting effects control button, two ports for each of the headphones and microphone, and two USB 3.1 ports .
  • Contains three LED strips A R G B Fan A R G B size 12 cm pre - installed to enhance the beauty of your device as shown through plate glass Almzhlh.kma Panda Panda model contains a graphics holder "GPU" card vertically to give you a more professional form.
  • Supports 5 fans, one of which is pre-installed, and the remaining four (to be purchased separately ) are conveniently installed for better air circulation and cooling.
  • Provides mesh for better heat distribution with easily accessible dust filter.
  • Support motherboards type: E-ATX (272*305mm), ATX(MAX SIZE:305*272mm), M-ATX/Mini-ITX
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