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Glorious Model D- Minus Matte White

Max DPI 12,000

240 SAR


product specification:

Color: matte white

Glorious PC Gaming Race has gone to great lengths to make sure that Model D Minus looks great and meets the needs and demands of gamers.

  • The Model D Minus includes many innovative features, such as the surface that is shaped in a distinct Honeycomb pattern. This style enhances the mouse's already impressive appearance and helps users maintain a firm grip by giving their palms a tactile surface.
  • The lines are highlighted by R G B . illumination that run across its edges. These lighting effects can be controlled through dedicated software. One useful feature is a color-coded DPI indicator so you always know your settings, and has a custom color for each DPI range .
  • It is extremely easy to move the mouse thanks to its light weight of only 61g! The Model D has G-Skate mouse feet , ensuring it glides smoothly across surfaces.
  • In order to maintain responsiveness, the Model D Minus has become a wired mouse instead of a wireless gaming mouse. However, an impressively flexible and lightweight wire has been worked on to replicate the feeling of using a wireless mouse.
  • Accuracy is enhanced by a Pixart® 3360 sensor. This ensures that the Model D Minus complies with esports industry standards, which means there is pixel-perfect tracking, zero mouse acceleration and a high-accuracy 1000Hz poll rate.
  • To download the GPGR program, click here
  • 12 month guarantee .

240 SAR
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