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Cooler Master MasterBox MB520 ARGB

ATX Mid-Tower Box

428 SAR


product specification:

Showing off your device through a smoky front panel is something you didn't know you needed. The DarkMirror front panel enriches the contrast of lighting on the interior trim, creating an impressive display of the interior's components. To cool the parts inside, there are mesh ventilation along the entire front panel sides, ensuring that three A R G B fans are fed to ensure plenty of air. If you are considering thermal upgrades, the MasterBox MB520 A R G B Supports up to seven front and rear hydro-cooling fans for high-performance assemblies. Combined with a Tempered Glass side panel and additional top ventilation, your device can look exactly the way you dreamed it up.

  • I shade the light through the DarkMirror front panel for a sharper contrast for the A R G B fans. With the large mesh inlets on each side of the front panel, ample air flow into the system.
  • Three fans can manage A R G B pre - installed by either the motherboard or a built -in unit, also connected by the built -in interval control, to create a lighting system A R G B comprehensive.
  • Your interior and cooling components are displayed professionally and in a panoramic view through an edge-to-edge glass side panel.
  • It provides distinguished air circulation and cooling with 3 fans in the front, size A R G B B 120mm , and a fan in the rear that is pre-installed. It also provides additional space when you want to increase ventilation and fans with 3 fans size 120mm or two fans size 140mm in the front and at the top and one in the back size of 120mm, and supports up to 360mm for water coolers (purchased separately) .
  • The A R G B Mini Console is a compact console that allows the Addressable R G B . to be operated Such as fans and LED strips and control them even in PC systems without a motherboard that supports A- R G B . The controller comes with 14 lighting presets to take full advantage of the system's customizable LED strips and also allows it to be turned off completely by a long press of its button. It is also possible to attach any external 2pin button to be able to switch presets without having to open the system. For ease of use, Cooler Master® provides Optionally connect the RESET button to the console and use it as an external preset A R G B switch button.
  • It contains filters to keep the interior pieces from dust at the front, top and bottom. Easy to access and clean.
  • Supports motherboards size: Mini ITX , Micro ATX , ATX , E-ATX .
  • For more details click here
  • 24 month guarantee .

428 SAR
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