Cooler Master MP750 L RGB Cooler Master

ماوس باد Large RGB

144 ر.س


مواصفات المنتج:

  • Smooth Gaming-Grade Surface - Slick surface optimal for speed and precision
  • Thick RGB Borders - Fully integrated into the borders for minimal fading and max illumination
  • Water Repellent Coating - Avoid splash damage with water-resistant coating
  • Improved Stitching - More comfort for those long, intense battles
  • Non-Slip Rubberized Base - Ensure your mouse pad will stand its ground when you stand your ground
  • Software Customization - Adjust colors and lighting modes to show off your personality
  • Size L: 470*350*3mm
  • ضمان 12 شهر.


  • 144 ر.س

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